Fluorosis Management

Interventions to Practice for Combating Fluorosis :

  • Fluorosis has no treatment or medicine.
  • The disease if diagnosed correctly at an early stage of onset can be prevented easily.
  • The Foundation also offers the Facility for Fluorosis management through interventions. The two Interventions the individual / patient has to practice are:
    1. To stop fluoride entry to the body which may be through consumption of water, food, dental products and / or drugs. By doing so, the progression of the disease is arrested. If water is the source of fluoride, consumption of safe water with fluoride as low as possible but should never exceed 1.0 mg/l of water.
    2. To promote nutrients through diet supplementation, adequate intake of essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants instead of pharmaceutical products. By doing so, the repair and maintenance of the damaged parts of the cells, tissues and organs are achieved. The protocol would be varying from individual to individual depending upon the disease status and whether they belong to the lower or higher socio-economic strata. Affordability is an important criterion to ensure sustainability of nutritional intervention. The recipes are designed through discussion with the patient

The essential nutrients for combating Fluorosis:

Adequate intake of :

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C & E and other
  • Anti-oxidants


Different recipes for adequate intake of the above nutrients are developed and field tested with excellent results.

Fluoride contaminated items to be avoided.