Fluoride testing : Methodology

  • Fluoride testing of groundwater need to be done using Ion selective electrode technology (Potentiometric method)
  • SPADAN’s method and Titrimetric methods are out-dated technologies for testing fluoride.
  • However, if large number of samples need to be screened in the field, field testing kits are available.
  • The kits that are reliable and reasonably priced are developed by: Central Pollution Control Board and · Developmental Alternatives, New Delhi.
  • While reporting fluoride data, the methodology used for testing should be stated.
  • The maximum fluoride, so far detected in drinking water in India is 48 mg/L in a village Karoli in Rewari District in Haryana State; The second highest is in the National Capital Territory of Delhi with 32.0 mg/L
  • India has also developed technologies for removal of fluoride from drinking water.