Scientific Evidence on Adverse Effects of Fluoride
On Human tissues

Due to Fluoride Contaminated Drinking Water
Due to Fluoridated Dental Products
Due to Fluoride Therapy

Presented to Members of Parliament & LORDs
House of Commons, Westminster, London


Prof.(Dr.) A.K. Susheela, F.A.Sc., F.A.M.S (India), Ashoka Fellow
Executive Director, Fluorosis Research Foundation of India
(October 1998)


Statement 1
Status of calcium content in teeth after fluoride ingestion
Statement 2
Status of dermatan sulphate in fluorosed human teeth
Statement 3
Correlation of drinking water fluoride level with prevalence of Dental Fluorosis vs Dental Caries
Statement 4
Non-ulcer dyspepsia (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) due to excess intake of fluoride
Statement 5
Fluoride content in food items
Statement 6
Use of fluoridated tooth paste – blood fluoride levels in children of different age groups
Statement 7
Facts relating to use of fluoride leading to loss of teeth
Statement 8
Facts on sodium fluoride treatment for Osteoporosis
Statement 9
Ingestion of excess fluoride leading to gastro-intestinal changes- Figs. 1, 2 & 3
Statement 10
Case studies


  • Professor (Dr.) A.K. Susheela, Executive Director, Fluorosis Research & Rural Development Foundation, New Delhi acknowledges, the financial assistance received from UNICEF, New Delhi for printing the document.
  • The document is also accessible through our website for wider dissemination of information.