• Sodium fluoride treatment with / or without calcium and vitamin D3 is being practised for treating Osteoporosis. The facts are as follows:
  • 30 mg to 80 mg sodium fluoride is administrated to a patient of Osteoporosis daily and treatment may continue 10-15 years or even more.
  • There are two kinds of responders to sodium fluoride treatment. In one type of responders, the patient is relieved of the excruciating pain and accepts the treatment.
  • Intermittent gastro-intestinal problems occur and the patient puts up with such complaints.
  • Radiographs would reveal enhanced bone density and bone mass as a result of sodium fluoride treatment and is considered as bone growth and atrophied bone is rectified. But this is not a normal healthy bone. It is due to a process of pathological bone growth as fluoride induces secondary Skeletal Fluorosis.
  • In the second type of responders the patient develops excruciating pain, and would abandon the treatment.
  •  The scientific reasons for
    • disappearance of the pain in the first group of responders and
    • development of excruciating pain in the second group of responders is still not understood.