Important Facts to consider

  • Fluorosis is an easily preventable disease
  • Pre-requisite: (1) Early diagnosis (2) Practise of Interventions
  • What are the Interventions:
    • Two interventions to practise
    • To stop the fluoride entry to the body (1st Intervention)
    • If water is the source of fluoride; to provide safe drinking water.
    • If food is the source of fluoride; to avoid consuming such food items
    • If dental product is the source, to change the product, to another which has least fluoride content.
    • If drugs are the source, the treating Physician to monitor the treatment.


By stopping fluoride entry: What is achieved ?

  • The progression of the disease is stopped
  • To promote adequate intake of essential nutrients viz. calcium, iron, vitamin C, E and other antioxidants (2nd Intervention)


How to obtain essential nutrients ?

  • Through Pharmaceutical products i.e commonly available.
  • Through daily diets through cereals, fruits and vegetables.


Which is preferred ? and why

  • The latter through daily diet is preferred, as the nutrients in the natural form is available and the body absorbs it and health complaints of Fluorosis may disappear in 10-12 days.
  • The former, though easy to obtain and swallow, it takes much longer time, for recovery from the disease. Moreover, the drugs are synthetic chemicals and body may or may not absorb as they are alien to the body and recovery from the disease shall be a slow process.

By improving essential nutrient, what is achieved ?
The repair and maintenance of the damaged parts of the cells, tissues and organs are attended to and recovery from Fluorosis in a short span of 10-12 days.