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Medical, Scientific & Technical information for various categories of patients / members of the Community to follow guidelines for improving health

Health Guidebook

Healthy Life in an Era with Disease
June 2016

(Rs . 350/- )

Fluorosis Mitigation:
Guidelines for Program Execution for Policy Makers, Health Administrators and Doctor (2015)

(Rs . 200/- )

Engineers' Handbook on Planning and Implementation of Water Supply Programm in Fluorosis Endemic Areas in India. (2009)

(Rs. 300/- )

A Treatise on Fluorosis.
This book is specially brought out for Doctors who are involved in teaching and patient care services in teaching hospitals which are also referal hospitals. (2007)

(Rs 400/-)

Doctor's Handbook on Fluorosis
This compilation has been brough out keeping in view Doctors functioning in health delivery outlets in remote areas in the country and taking care of rural Indian population (2005)

( Cost Borne by Min. of H& FW)

Guidelines for Diet Supplementation

( Rs . 75/- )

Fluoride Poisoning :
Effects on Health Way and Means to Prevent and Control the Disease with easy to Practise Guidelines

(Available in Hindi & English)

( Rs . 75/- )

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