Executive Director

  • Professor (Dr) A.K. Susheela, the Executive Director of India’s Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation, located in Delhi, is an outstanding Academician with a distinguished Professional carrier.

  • She was born and brought-up in Malaysia and is a naturalized Indian.
  • Received education in India upto the Doctorate Degree and Post Doctoral Training in Health Sciences from U.K, USA and Canada.
  • On her return, she has been on the Faculty of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi for 3 decades.
  • She has held a number of responsible positions and coveted assignments at the AIIMS, before she moved out during 1997, to nurture the Foundation and full-fill her life’s ambition to combat Fluorosis by providing adequate Scientific and Technical inputs to those involved in dealing with the disease.
  • Provision of safe drinking water to millions of rural Indian population living in villages where the drinking water is highly poisoned with fluoride is not an easy task.
  • Her concerted efforts to pave the way to provide "safe drinking water" with fluoride as low as possible to the millions of rural Indian population in the country are commendable.
  • The Foundation has been recognized by the Government of India, State Governments as well as the National and International funding Agencies including the UN Agencies viz. UNICEF, WHO and Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC).

Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Susheela is a :

  • Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences in India.
  • Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences.
  • She was awarded the Ranbaxy Research Foundation prize for her outstanding contributions in the field of Fluorosis Research.
  • She is elected Ashoka Fellow for her life time achievements in mitigation of Fluorosis.
  • She has had the unique distinction to be invited and for addressing the British Parliament; (House of Commons) and the Minister of Health and her Advisors on varied issues related to Fluoride and Fluorosis during 1998. Her visit and scientific deliberations has led the British Government to review the issues related to Fluoridation of drinking water and Dental products in the U.K. as health problems are on the increase in the Fluoridated cities vz. Nonfluoridated cities.
  • She is a world renowned scientist in the field of Fluoride, Fluorosis and its management. FR & RDF, the organization that she has taken the initiative to establish is not only a National but a Global Consultation Centre.
  • The Foundation in Delhi is a Centre of intense activities with a group of very dedicated and committed scientists.
  • A number of Senior Consultants from a variety of disciplines are closely associated for carrying through its activities
  • The FR & RDF has very experienced Professionals / Administrators / Scientists who have held very high positions in the Government, as President, Treasurer and Members constituting the Governing Body of the Foundation.