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(1) Diagnostic Facility for Fluorosis

(2) Counseling for prevention and
control of Fluorosis,

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Tel: +91(11)2273 1886
Tel/Fax: +91(11)2272 5156

Mobile No. +91-9810535228

The only facility presently available in India

“Rhyon International Fluorosis Diagnostic & Counseling Centre” New Delhi, India

Courtesy: Rhyon Family, Melbourne, Australia

  • Are you consuming untreated groundwater with more fluoride ?
  • Is your water contaminated with fluoride?
  • Fluoride ingestion is hazardous to health.
  • Besides drinking water, fluoride can enter the body through food, dental products, drugs and industrial emission.
  • Health complaints emanating from fluoride poisoning are of diverse nature
  • Affliction of children due to fluoride poisoning are significantly different from adults.
  • In children the adverse effects commence from intra-uterine life, if the mother is exposed to high fluoride.
  • Infants with respiratory distress should be tested for fluoride in urine of the infant / drinking water , blood and urine of the mother.
  • Fluoride ingestion by the infant from early developmental stages can lead to rickets, which may not respond to calcium and vitamin D treatment; unless the fluoride levels in urine/blood are lowered to normal range.
  • In children the discolouration seen on the permanent teeth may not necessarily be due to Dental Caries or Dirty Teeth.
  • The discolouration of the permanent teeth can be due to Dental Fluorosis.
  • Dental Fluorosis can be distinguished from Dental Caries and Dirty Teeth by the following yardsticks.
  • Discolouration is always horizontally aligned on the enamal surface; discolouration shall be away from the gums; the discolouration shall occur in teeth in pairs (bilaterally simmetrical)
  • Fluoride poisoning effects in adults can be tracked to soft tissue manifestations besides skeletal derangements.
  • Identifying Fluorosis at early stages could potentially save millions of life if intial observations can be confirmed through fluoride test in blood and urine.
  • The importance of the confirmatory test is to catch the patients at the turning points, before the disease affects multiple organs and systems including bony rigidity and paralysis.
  • If Fluorosis is detected early enough, it has been proven in practise that the disease can be totally cured.